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Legal Tech Event Summaries

Looking at Legal Tech Events from the Vendor Perspective

Here Are the Events LTMG has Covered

LW24 - event summary banner

Legalweek 2024

At Legalweek this year, the atmosphere surrounding augmented intelligence felt markedly more receptive. Legal professionals seem increasingly open to AI integration.
TLTF - LTE Image

TLTF 2023

The sold-out, invitation-only event featured an excellent opportunity to make new connections with forward-thinking legal tech leaders.  

ClioCon 2023

The annual Clio Cloud Conference is an energetic event. The energy continues throughout the two-day event with lively presentations and opportunities to learn just about anything, Clio.

Relativity Fest 2023

As I head home from Relativity Fest Chicago 2023, I cannot help but marvel at how this event has grown over the years and has become a leading legal tech conference.


Congratulations to ILTA for delivering terrific content and a great experience for all…especially if, like me, you wanted to get some extra steps recorded on your Apple Watch, Fitbit, or other tracking device!

ALA 2023

The 2023 ALA Annual Conference was a resounding success, blessed with three days of sunshine and an enthusiastic community of attendees.

CLOC Global Institute 2023

The 2023 installment of the CLOC Global Institute continued to grow and position itself as the leading educational and networking event for legal operations professionals.

ABA TechShow 2023

Attending ABA Techshow 2023 was a delight, marking a welcome return to this premier legal tech event. Despite some challenging weather conditions, the experience was well worth the journey.

Legalweek 2023

Attending Legalweek 2023 has been an enlightening experience. Unlike some larger conferences, Legalweek focused on quality over quantity.

Wondering which event is right for your company?