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Unlock tools and services to maximize your next conference, tradeshow, or gathering


Essential Resources

Planning and executing successful legal events can be complex. From selecting venues and building the program to driving registrations and event promotion, expert resources can provide invaluable support. We’ve compiled some of the top tools and services for enhancing your next legal event.

Leverage LTMG for Strategic Event Consulting

Legal Tech Marketing Group (LTMG) offers specialized consulting and marketing services for legal events, conferences, and tradeshows. Their team brings decades of expertise to provide strategy, creative direction, promotion, and more. LTMG helps execute highly successful events that bring value to attendees, sponsors, and your organization.

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Transform Your Legal Event Presence with Moxie

Amplify your brand presence with Moxie's dynamic trade show displays and exhibits, including eye-catching pop-up banners and modular displays. Designed for legal professionals seeking unparalleled flexibility, Moxie ensures your brand captivates and engages audiences at exhibition halls and sponsored events alike. Seamlessly integrate Moxie with your brand strategy for consistent, impactful messaging. 

Discover Events with Event Hunter

Navigate the legal event landscape with precision using Doug Austin's Event Hunter. This meticulously curated resource is your compass for discovering the most relevant and impactful legal events. Stay ahead of industry trends, connect with like-minded professionals, and never miss a crucial event. Event Hunter is your indispensable guide to navigating the rich tapestry of legal gatherings.