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ALA 2023

LTMG's Perspective

Here's Our Take

The 2023 ALA Annual Conference was a resounding success, blessed with three days of sunshine and an enthusiastic community of attendees. Themed events, including the 'Emerald City' reception, set a celebratory tone and fostered connections among participants, sponsors, and exhibitors. The opening keynote by Catherine A. Sanderson, Ph.D., explored the science of happiness, offering valuable insights into factors that influence our well-being. Educational tracks throughout the conference provided practical takeaways for improving law firm operations.

ALA's dedication to involving sponsors and exhibitors in the event was evident, with sponsors actively participating in sessions and networking opportunities. The exhibit hall was a hub of engagement, offering attendees coffee, beverages, snacks, and fun activities like trivia competitions and games. Notably, Surepoint celebrated its 40th anniversary as an ALA Business Partner, showcasing their enduring commitment to excellence in legal tech services and products. Engaging with ALA and its chapters is a strong recommendation for any company seeking to connect with law firm administrators.