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Relativity Fest 2023

LTMG's Perspective

Here's Our Take

As I head home from Relativity Fest Chicago 2023, I cannot help but marvel at how this event has grown over the years and has become a leading legal tech conference. With an in-person registration headcount of over 2000, Relativity Fest is packed with relevant content for eDiscovery professionals.

A special shout-out to my dear friend David Horrigan, Relativity’s Discovery Counsel and Legal Education Director. Among the 9 sessions David moderated were the celebrated 10th Annual Judges Panel and the particularly moving session titled ‘The Law, the Taliban, and the Women Judges of Afghanistan.’ If you have access to the recorded sessions, they are excellent.

ClioCon Coverage

From Generative AI to Court Diversity: Takeaways From Relativity Fest

In addition to product launches and generative AI discussions, Relativity Fest 2023 also focused on the industry's diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts.

- Isha Marathe

[Podcast] Post-Mortem on Relativity Fest

We were joined by guest panelist David Horrigan, discovery counsel and legal education director at Relativity, for a post-mortem on the Relativity Fest conference that wrapped up yesterday in Chicago

- Bob Ambrogi

Relativity Launches First Generative AI Product at Relativity Fest 2023: aiR for Review

The tool aiR for Review will be released for limited availability by the end of the year, and then released for general availability in the first half of 2024

- Isha Marathe


Coverage Throughout the Event

Relativity Fest 2023 Tuesday Sessions: 
Here are Relativity Fest 2023 Tuesday sessions of note.

Relativity Fest 2023 Wednesday Sessions:
Here are Relativity Fest 2023 Wednesday sessions of note.

Relativity Fest 2023 Thursday Sessions:
Here are Relativity Fest 2023 Thursday sessions of note.